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On tis page you will be informed about the excursion possibilities in The Gambia and Senegal, and most important al the nice trips for a very low price (much lower than the high prices of the big tour operators), more persenal and and more flexible, the way you want it and like it. Sightseeing The Gambia is setup by local guides who help you to see and experience al there is in The Gambia.

Gambia Highlights

Fathala Wildpark

City Tour

Creek Fishing

Rural Gambia

Wake up with the Birds

Tanji Experiance

Roots - Kunta Kinteh


More trips we can do, to find on this page.

Sightseeing Gambia will organise your excursion in the way you dream about it. No big scale excursions but nice excursions for small groups (2 - 6 persons like family’s or friends). Look at al the possibilities, then contact us by e-mail of phone (see the contact information) and we will make an appointment.


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Information about The Gambia
The Gambia (officially: Republic of The Gambia) is situated on the most westerly point of Africa bordering the Atlantic Ocean. The Gambia is the smallest country of the African continent with only 11,300 km². From east to west the distance is about 320 km., while from north to south the distance varies between 20 to 50 km. (near the coast). The Gambia is surrounded on three sides by Senegal. In July 2004, The Gambia had 1.5 million inhabitants, of which almost 50% aged under 18 years. The population density is 137 per km², making The Gambia number four of most densely populated countries in Africa. Most Gambians live near the coast, where also the biggest towns (Serrekunda, almost 200,000 people, Banjul and Brikama with both more than 40,000 inhabitants) are located. English is the official language in The Gambia, but only those who went to school really speak it, since education is not obligatory. Most people speak the language of their tribe, like Mandinka, Woolof, Fulani, Dyda, Serer or Serahule. The Gambia has a subtropical climate, with two main seasons, the dry season from the middle of September to the end of May and the rain season from June to the middle of September. The humidity is much higher in the rain season and there many short, but fierce showers, mainly late in the afternoon or at night. Due to the subtropical climate, The Gambia has a very diverse vegetation, the mangrove forests being the most impressive since they can survive the salty waters of the river Gambia. Gambia has no big wildlife, except maybe for some hippo's in the eastern parts, but there are almost 450 bird species, making it an attractive destiny for birdwatchers. There are also several sorts of monkeys throughout the country.