Gambia Highlights

After pick up from the hotels we make our first stop at Katchikally crocodile pool. Here you get the chance to visit the museum and get a really close look at these unique reptiles. This crocodile pool is in Bakau and has been in existence for over one hundred years and is home to over one hundred crocodiles at present. The locals who believe in the powers of these tame crocodiles consider this place sacred. You actually get the chance to stroke these animals and feel their rough texture.
albert market gambia
From Bakau, we start driving to Banjul. Banjul is situated on St Marys Island and as you drive into the city our guide will tell some history about the European activity on the Island and the way Independence was gained back in the 60’s. On your drive you pass by Arch 22, which is a symbol of the Military coup in 1994. From there you proceed to one of the busiest markets in the country, The Albert Market. Here you get a chance to visit the food and vegetable market, the fish market and also the material & craft market.

krokThis is a truly excellent experience as it gives you a blend of all the different aspects of Gambian life. You get a chance to see the local people buying their daily goods and selling their good as well. Arts, crafts and materials can be bought at a very reasonable price as well if you’re willing to bargain for it! After the sights, smells and sounds of Albert Market we drive to Denton bridge (connecting Banjul to the mainland) to join our boat for a leisurely cruise along the oyster creek on board a traditional style pirogue with a sundeck to Lamin Lodge. Lunch is served on Board as well. This Cruise gives you a chance to relax and soak up some of the Gambian sun. Our final port of call is the Gambia Is Good Farm in Yundum that work with local farmers. Discover different methods of irrigation and purchase souvenirs to the craft shop.
This farmyard is the latest projects funded by The Travel Foundation, training rural women and youths in advanced farming techniques.


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