Roots - Kunta Kinteh

Part of Gambia’s history reached world fame when a historic journey written by the Afro-American Author, Alex Haley, became known under the name Roots. The book was later made into a popular TV serie. This excursion will take you to where this story took place; Juffureh, Albreda and St. James Island and give you an impression of the years of slave trade. 


In the morning we join a boat at the port of Banjul. Upon arriving at the ancient slave trading station, Albreda, you will first visit the Albreda Museum which houses artefacts of the slave trade.

This is followed by a 15 minute walk to the village of Juffereh, in those days home to Kunta Kinteh and where his family still lives who you will visit. There is enough time to be informed about the history and to interact with the locals. Next on the ittinary is a visit to the tiny St. James Island where you will visit the ruins of the fort where the slaves were held. This island will leave a lasting impression on you.

Lunch is served on board and one many occasions dolphins will accompany you when cruising the wide Gambia river. A must see for those interested in world history!

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Fort James, on James island in the River Gambia was built in 1651. It was a Bristish Trading Post and this is where Kunte Kinte, Chicken George, Kizzy and all the other slaves were held before they were sold. The fort ensured the safe passage of Bristish and American slave ships until it finally fell into disuse in 1779.

Now all that remains are ruins and old cannon's. It used to be six times this size. The great news for the Gambian's is that James Island had now been declared a World Heritage Site and preservation work has recently started.

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